Living from the Inside-Out with Sara Murre

Living from the Inside-Out is one of our core programs here at – a three month interactive exploration of the principles behind the human experience. Each week, we’ll be taking a sneak peak behind the curtain of your thinking and learning to live more and more in the flow of wisdom and well-being. Beginning on Sunday, the 12 of April, we’ll be releasing one of the LFTIO videos each week for you to watch and absorb. Then each Tuesday, Sara will host a call online to go deeper into the messages in that week’s video, taking a deeper look at the inside-out nature of our personal reality and the implications of that understanding in our business, relationships, parenting, health and throughout every area of our lives.

What you’ll get:

  • Twelve professionally recorded video sessions to guide you towards a deeper understanding of the Inside-Out understanding and it’s implications for our lives
  • Weekly coaching calls with our own director of community engagement and Supercoach Academy faculty member Sara Murre, where we’ll explore what it means to live from the inside out in our day to day lives (the time for our weekly calls will be Tuesdays at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern/ 5pm UK, with mp3 recordings available shortly after)
  • A members-only Facebook group to share your learning with others in the program and get support from Sara and members of the Supercoach team
  • Additional Bonus Materials to support your learning

Here’s a brief video from Sara to tell you more:

The Living from the Inside-Out Program is now underway and registration is closed. To be notified when when the program begins again, sign up for the weekly newsletter!

  “Can I just say WOW….Reading the posts of the last couple of days is it not wonderful, amazing, inspiring to read the progress that we are all making. Can you feel the energy on here, feel the shift in awareness and isn’t it just AMAZING! I have read countless books, attended countless course, seen and felt shifts before….but this course….different league! Michael Neill I thank you for creating this space for us to THRIVE….The insight you had to create this course was indeed a miracle. Much love to each and every one of you.” – Lynne Robertson

About Sara Murre

  Sara MurreSara Murre attended Supercoach Academy ​in 2011 and 2012 and was on the faculty in 2014. She is the Community Engagement Director at Genius Catalyst, which means that she talks to members of Michael Neill’s community about the inside out understanding and their experiences on our programs. Prior to coaching, she wrote fiction full-time for over 20 years. Go figure! She lives in San Diego, California.  

Holly“Welcome to the Family…“ is how I remember leaving my first conversation with Sara. And you know what? I knew she meant it. My conversations with Sara have always been a joy for me, even when the topic is about struggle. Sara is genuinely present and relates to the humanness of us all. I relate to Sara and trust her with my thinking. I was a bit lost when I first spoke to her, but because of that natural connection I know she played a part in guiding me to making my next step. And three months later I have a clearer me again and I’m moving in a direction that feels good. I will always enjoy talking and coaching with Sara. Love her. She’s a doll!” – Holly Mitchell
The Living from the Inside-Out Program is now underway and registration is closed. To be notified when when the program begins again, sign up for the weekly newsletter!

I first came across Sara when I was browsing pages. I saw her name, read her bio, and watched her in the Supercoach Academy video. I was at a low point in my life again and was looking for someone to talk to. I haven’t heard of Sara before, but something within me said to call her and I did. It was the best decision. From the first phone call and all other almost weekly interactions with Sara, she has been nothing but supportive, kind, and understanding. She loves to talk about the Inside-Out Understanding and she is so knowledgable about it. She draws on a wealth of personal and professional experience and best of all, she can completely relate to issues that we all face. First time I saw Sara in person was at the talk with Michael Neill and Dr. Mark Howard in Santa Monica last year. Sara greeted me with a great big hug and made me feel part of the community right from the start. Sara is an amazing friend, mentor, coach, who lives the Inside-Out Understanding day-to-day and is so eager to help others recognize their innate health and happiness. I am very glad that I had the courage to pick up the phone that very first day and talk to Sara. It changed my life! – Elisabeth Baer
“I have known Sara Murre for several years now and am so impressed by her warmth and caring presence. She has a wonderful grasp of the principles and her sharing is both impactful and relevant. She is a joy to be around as her humor surfaces so easily. Do not pass up a chance to work with her.”

– Mark Howard, PhD.



”Quite simply, Sara is one of the most beautifully wise and deeply connected three principles teachers that I have ever encountered. Every time I communicate with Sara I find myself popping with insights and well being. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to talk to Sara and explore everything from opportunities to engage in 3P’s opportunities, to reflecting on what can be seen when you look in the directions of the principles with another person. I have had my most profound insights and life changing experiences when talking to Sara or listening to her on calls. I would really recommend anyone interested in looking in this direction to reach out to Sara and see what happens!”

– Stephanie Batson



“(Sara Murre) has an unerring instinct for truth. She is deeply committed to the Three Principles and to continuing education. Guided by her wisdom, she is able to listen deeply and offer matter of fact direction with a gentle manner.”

– Elsie Spittle



“For many years I’ve felt like a fraud and I had a conversation about this with Sara. Her generosity and her listening was the perfect space for me to see I was confusing “my thinking” with “who I am.” In a very short call I went from being a “projection” in the world to, “ME” in the world. I see things differently and the world sees me different. And I have to say, I’m having much more fun. Thank you Sara. “

– Jasmyne DesBiens



“I just finished listening to the call on Friday with Sara Lewis Murre…it was just the perfect ending to the week of balance from the inside. What was really intriguing to me was how Sara was able to help all of us see how the “opening” to a larger consciousness and to an insight can be just so, so small…a very small change in our thought…like the thought “well, I’ll wait and see what happens when I have my next fearful thought”…I found this so helpful. I am definitely one of those folks who has come to my current understanding with small insights at curious times…each building upon the previous bit by bit. I haven’t had a huge life changing insight, even though my life has changed. So to see how really small the opening can be is very, very helpful! Looking forward to what will come up this week! (Bit by bit!) “

– Elaine Huggins



“Sara is an absolute delight. For me she’s been a bright shining light in the fog and the darkness. She’s so insightful and has helped me more than once make sense of the muddle that is in my mind, and see things that are right in front of my face! She’s also a scream and puts the fun into the 3P’s. She’s a great person to speak to especially if you have caught a terrible dose of ‘seriousness!’ I’m also quite sure if you looked in her handbag you’d find that’s where she keeps her halo! I could probably talk all day about what a gem she is!”

– Louise Revill



“I’m so excited that Sara is going to be hosting LFTIO, she eats, lives and breathes this online format. With her deep grounding and understanding of the issues people have when coming to this for the first time, Sara will guide, challenge, inspire and explore with each of you. Believe me, ‘nothing will change but everything will be different’ and you, will enjoy every moment of it!”

– Stefan Cybichowski