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Living from the Inside-Out with Martin Jarnland

Living from the Inside-Out is one of our core programs here at Supercoach.com – a three month interactive exploration of the principles behind the human experience. Beginning on Sunday, the 6th of September, Supercoach Academy faculty member Martin Jarnland will be leading a brand new group, taking a sneak peek behind the curtain of your thinking so you can learn to live more and more in the flow of wisdom and well-being.

Every Sunday, we’ll be releasing one of the LFTIO videos for you to watch and absorb. Then each Wednesday, Martin will host a call online to go deeper into the messages in that week’s video, taking a closer look at the inside-out nature of our personal reality and the implications of that understanding in our business, relationships, parenting, health and throughout every area of our lives.

What you’ll get:

  • Twelve professionally recorded video sessions to guide you towards a deeper understanding of the Inside-Out understanding and it’s implications for our lives
  • Weekly coaching calls with Martin Jarnland, where you’ll explore what it means to live from the inside out in your day to day life (the time for our weekly calls will be Wednesdays at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern/ 5pm UK, with mp3 recordings available shortly after)
  • A members-only Facebook group to share your learning with others in the program and get support from Martin and members of the Supercoach team
  • Additional Bonus Materials to support your learning

Here’s a brief video from Martin to tell you more:

The Living from the Inside-Out program is underway and can no longer be purchased. We run this program a few times a year. Sign up to be notified about the next one!

About Martin Järnland

Martin JarnlandMartin lives in Malmo, Sweden with his family. Five years ago, without a specific plan in mind, he sold his business and opened up to a new adventure, whatever that might be. Within a short time, he realized that what was most fascinating and inspiring to him was supporting others in realizing their full potential. To pursue this interest, he spent two and a half years participating in Supercoach Academy in Los Angeles, CA and as an apprentice to Michael Neill. In 2014, he was certified as a Master Transformative Coach and joined the SCA faculty. Martin currently has a global coaching clientele, gives frequent seminars, and does volunteer work to assist people in all walks of life.

Brooke Wheeldon - Reece“I’ve been working with Martin as my coach for the past 4 months or so. I can say, without hesitation, Martin has a unique ability to guide a busy mind into ease, within moments. Every conversation with him is full of rich, sustainable words and silences that have undoubtedly brought me deeper into my natural state. He is a fantastic coach and his authenticity radiates through each discussion we share. Through we’ve never met in person, his ability to connect with me on such a personal level leaves me feeling we are the greatest of friends. I’m confident anyone being coached by Martin will leave the conversation transformed, again and again.”

– Brooke Wheeldon-Reece

“Martin is an extraordinary person. He is insightful and never shies away from telling the truth. If the definition of a great coach is the ability to say the things at hat no one else would say, then very few people can match Martin. Additionally, Martin is great company and laughter is never far away when he is around.”

– Wyn Morgan, Wynning Coaching



“Martin Jarnland is one of very few people I know who not only masters the space of loving-kindness and its pragmatic influence on all human endeavor. His background includes having created a highly successful company. He speaks completely from experience, clearly, concisely and with the knowledge that his clients have the capacity within to be master their universe. His wit and intelligence make the journey that much more powerful!”

– Bill Cumming, CEO The Boothby Institute



“Martin showed me my own tools that will give me strength the rest of my life. Even in the toughest situations life would be much less painful in the future, Love and play in life now, Thank you.”

– Anne L.



“Martin held a lecture about and presence and transformation. It gave me many new thoughts about taking one step back and just trust the natural process, this not only in coaching, but in all relations. Thank You.”

– Helene Colac, Coach



“After ten year without even sitting in an airplane, I am now enjoying life and travel again. In one session Martin made me fly again. Thank You.”

– Phil K.



“To see that I’ve doubled my energy and number of good decisions, this actually without doing anything, is truly amazing.”

– Anders P. CEO



“Martin–I am doing GREAT! I am really feeling good and energetic. I think you really helped me get out of my rut. Thank You.”

– David M



“I had the joy of attending Supercoach Academy 2014 where Martin was one of the pod leaders. We engaged in some incredibly deep and profound conversations about the mechanics behind life and living from that space. While in those conversations, I found myself exploring the edges of myself, the spaces where I still believed in the illusion that some things could still affect me from the outside in. He has a lovely and gentle manner about him, the soft way of holding space while gesturing in the direction of your own wisdom. He is a teacher who walks his talk, living his life from Mind, and flowing that into his talks and teaching experiences. If you’re looking for someone to explore the 3 Principles with, I would choose Martin as my guide and urge you to as well. With love, honor and respect,

– William Snow