Transformative Coaching™ with Michael Neill

Traditional coaching takes place primarily on a horizontal dimension – coaches assist people in getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Yet lasting, sustainable change nearly always happens in the vertical dimension – a deepening of the ground of being of the client, giving them greater access to creativity, inspiration and higher wisdom.

This vertical approach is what I call “Transformative Coaching”, or “coaching from the inside out”. Here are typical signposts of someone who is being coached in this way:

  • Their biggest problem is they have no more big problems
  • Results matter less than ever, and they produce them even more consistently.
  • They lose the fear of being “found out”, because they lose the need to “fake it ’til they make it”

Many of my clients are already successful in at least one area of their lives but they’re ready for more – more joy, more love, more happiness, more wealth, and more success. Others are in the category of ‘emerging voices’ – people who know they have something special to share but are having difficulty identifying their real genius, finding their voice, and getting it out into the world.

Past clients have changed careers, written books, made movies, released albums, turned around companies, saved marriages, launched charities, and above all, found a way to live in the light of their wisdom and well-being and create happy, meaningful success in their lives.

My coaching is a space in which miracles happen.

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