Coaching Apprentice/Mastery Program

A one year program for people who want to go deeper into what it is to be a coach and make your living by making a difference in the world.

Are you ready to make more of a difference than you ever thought possible?

My goal for you with this program is simple:

That you will finish the year with a deep understanding of the principle’s behind life, an unshakable confidence in your ability to facilitate transformation, and a solid framework for creating a sustainable, highly profitable coaching, training and/or writing based business.

The first year of this program is your apprenticeship.  Our goal over the course of this year will be to deepen your understanding of the inside-out nature of life and how that understanding affects everything that people do.  Here are the basic details of the program – since it will be tailored specifically for you, we’ll work out more specifics as we go…

  • We’ll begin with a three day coaching intensive to help you shift your foundations, deepen your grounding, and expand your possibilities.
  • Our coaching agreement will cover both telephone and face to face coaching.  A certain number of our sessions will be dedicated to supervision – I will review your client sessions or even co-coach your clients with you as a part of our work together.
  • You will have a guest or assisting place reserved for you on most public and corporate trainings I do throughout the course of your apprenticeship. This includes both coach-based trainings and the Learning How to Thrive retreats, as well as any additional  trainings which come up during our time together – we will let you know when and if new things are added to the schedule and you can decide which ones to attend.
  • Towards the end of your apprenticeship, we’ll do another intensive together to go deeper into the unknown together and “fine-tune” your grounding.

It’s not necessary to attend all the trainings in order to get the most out of the program – however, as a general rule, the more you show up, the more you will get out of the program.  Throughout our time together, I will also provide you with additional reading/listening and other learning opportunities as they arise.

The cost is $75,000 (US), which includes all of the above but does not include your travel and expenses for the year.

At the end of our first year together, you will automatically be enrolled in the Mastery program.  Through regular get-togethers only available to graduates of the Apprentice program, this program is both a way of staying in touch with me and becoming a part of an exclusive community of committed transformative coaches.  There is no fee for this program, and it will be ongoing for as long as I do this work.

NEW: Traditionally, participation on this program has been by invitation.  Over the past few years, more and more people have applied, and the number of applicants now regularly exceeds the number of places available.  If we have not already spent time together, I have designed a 4 stage application process to help make sure that you’re right for the program and the program is right for you:

1. Read through this page in its entirety.  Take some time to really think about what you would like to get from the program and how your life would be different as a result.  If you decide that this is for you and you’re willing to make the commitment of time, money, and energy required, fill out the form on the left.

2. The next step is for us to have a phone chat – this gives you a chance to “meet” me and perhaps more importantly, me a chance to meet you and give you a quick “yes” or “no” assessment as to whether or not it’s worth carrying on in the application process.

3. Assuming we get to “yes”, we will send out a detailed application for you to fill out.  It’s fairly long and worth taking time with – most people take about a week to fill it all in and find it a very satisfying process in and of itself.

4. If we’re still “all systems go” after the application, I will invite you to join me virtually or face to face for an afternoon.  This will give us a real chance to experience what working together will be like.  At that point I will be able to let you know if we’re able to go forward together and all being well, you can make payment and your apprenticeship/mastery will begin!

To begin the application process, reflect on what you would use the program to transform in your world.  Then fill in the form to the left and we can arrange a time to speak and get things started.

With love,

PS – This is the most intensive program I’ve ever offered, and includes more “me” than anything else on the menu. If you’re ready to take your practice and life to the next level, I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

PPS – Some past apprentices include Ali CampbellElese Coit,  Dennis LindsayRich LitvinBevin Lynch,  Richard Nugent, Barbara Patterson, Claire ShutesJamie Smart, and Sue Trinder.  You can learn more about what they’re up to now by clicking on the links above!