Michael Neill at TEDxBend and The Inside-Out Revolution

Join me to Thrive in Barcelona this July!

Barcelona Spain

I’m really looking forward our next Time to Thrive intensive in Barcelona this July!

Come and take a few days out to dive deep into your innate wellbeing and uncover the wisdom and happiness that live inside…

There are only four spaces still available for this small group, huge impact experience!

To book your place and learn more, click here.

Michael Neill on HayHouse radioThursday, May 21st at Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern/8pm UK

The Will to Love and Be Loved

Listen as Michael explores what it is in us that makes us want to experience more and more love in our lives and answers questions about relationships and romance!

You can listen to the show this and every Thursday – simply go to hayhouseradio.com at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK and click on the button marked ‘Listen Now’.

Did you miss our most recent live show called Revisiting the Comfort Zone? For a limited time you can listen to it here.

A Different Take on Writer’s Block (#974)

Since I began writing regularly nearly fifteen years ago, I’ve written well over a million words, published over a thousand blog posts, and contributed writing in one form or another to more than a dozen published books. And yet every time I sit down to a blank computer screen, I wonder if this time the words will flow. Four days in five they do, and I am able to complete my writing for the day in one uninterrupted session. Ah, but that fifth day… Read more…

Tour18 – 19 May:
3 Principles Annual Conference
London, UK

20 May:
The Keys to Performance with Mara Gleason
Copenhagen, Denmark

21 May:
The Keys to Performance with Mara Gleason
Aarhaus, Denmark

22 May:
Building Your Business from the Inside-Out
Olso, Norway


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